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Rooms of Light
Amazon has LR3 for $222 and change, so I went ahead and bought it. Just playing with it (thanks to Adobe's free 30 day trial (full featured, not a crippled demo)), it's absolutely amazing at noise reduction and clean up. It's also really nifty how it stores everything as a database of deltas and doesn't actually touch the original file in any way. I'll have to play with it's post processing ability for doing more than just clean up too, after watching some of the tutorial videos on line. I haven't even touched on its abilities for photo management yet, but wow it's got a lot of ways to sort, tag, group, and manage pictures. As I currently have just under eighteen thousand photos on my hard drive, that's going to come in really handy.

I also bought Portal 2 via Steam this morning, and now I'm going to have some fun.

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Holy shit! 18,000! That's quite a lot.

Yeah, it's at least as much an organization and ranking tool as it is a postprocessing tool. My only complaint is actually Flickr-related: I wish that Flickr would have a rating system like Lightroom's, so that I could create "Best of" collections without having to duplicate-download.

Only about half of those are from my Nikon. The rest are from older point and shoots, and scanned in images. It's still a lot of photos either way though.

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