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Crosspost kerfluffle...
BMW Convertible

While I have a Dreamwidth account (username same as here), I really only use it to back up this journal (the ability to import my entire LJ, comments and all? Awesome) and to allow me to comment on folks who live over there. I have no intention of moving as of right now. While I have accounts on both FB and Twitter, I don't have them linked to here (I used to crosspost my LJ entries, but it seemed sorta redundant). I have considered, just for fun, having LJ echo Twitter, FB echo LJ, and Twitter echo FB (maybe even throw Google Buzz into that loop) and watch the chaos, but then, I use these accounts and sabotaging myself seems rather silly.

Rule of Thumb No. 1 still holds: Pay attention.

It's not that hard to not screw up.


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